Please contact us for all lumber inquiries over 100 inches in length

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Reclaimed Wood of North Dakota
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We offer a variety of Services in addition to our in-stock products. 

All Custom services require a deposit. Due the constant fluctuation of raw material prices and the exact amount of time required, an exact amount cannot be given until completion. 

When the service is finished, the customer will be billed for the remainder of the due amount prior to shipping.  Please contact us for a free rough estimate. 


Custom  Services include: 

  • Custom Mirror Encasement - Our top seller! After an order is placed, we will schedule a call to discuss what your vision is. Personal selection of boards via video chat is available. Once the frame is built, we will drive to your location, insert your mirror into the frame and hang it. Price ranges are typically between $200 - $400 depending on mirror size and wood selection. 
  • Custom Painting - All our steel products come unpainted. We locally source a painter to paint these. Price ranges are typically between $50 - $250
  • Custom Finishing - Upon your request, we can put nearly any color onto your wood and seal it based on your needs. Price ranges vary wildly, but will typically between $50 - $100
  • Furniture Rehab - This is completely dependent on what the piece is and how long it will take.  We take very few of these due the amount of time necessary to perform a quality rehab. Many hours of hand sanding are generally required. Price ranges are typically between $100- $1000
  • Epoxy Coating -  We can epoxy pretty much anything. From Signs to custom designed tables.  All of our epoxy projects take 2-6 weeks to ship depending on the size.  Please contact us prior to this purchase so we can provide an estimate and a more accurate deposit amount.  Deposit must be received prior to project start. Price ranges are typically between $50 - $1000+ or more. 
  • Custom Laser Engraving - Our laser engraver burns into the wood. It is extremely precise. We have nearly every font available. For pictures, the picture must be able to transcribe into black and white. The laser does not print colors.  The deposit includes a setup fee, wood, and laser time. Price ranges are typically between $30- $100.