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About Us

Hello there! My name is Jeff, owner of Reclaimed Wood of North Dakota.  

*As a Naval Veteran, I appreciate all the beauty and freedoms that America has to offer.  In 2014, I recognized that many of our picturesque barns, sheds, and buildings are falling to the wayside. Every day, more and more structures are being torn down and disposed into landfills.  I vow to try my best to reclaim these. 

*In 2015 I purchased a home built in 1910. Completely gutted, I discovered rough sawn lumber and beautiful original flooring throughout.  It was then my love for historic wood was born. 

*Growing up in a family of woodworkers, we craft everything with a unique vision, plenty of passion, precision, and lots of slivers.  My obsession is to provide everyone with unique, quality materials and goods that will last a lifetime. 

With the recent global pandemic and prices of new lumber skyrocketing out of control, I decided to take a leap of faith in 2020 and enter the Reclaimed Market.  

I promise that everything we offer has been handled by hand and has its own individuality. Nothing should be "pre-processed" and cookie cutter. 

Being different is the norm at Reclaimed Wood of North Dakota. 



Hello there! My name is Jacob . 

*As an avid outdoorsman, it pains me to see all the forests cut down. Especially with these generational historic structures being bulldozed and and buried.  

*I joined the team to make a difference in my families life. As a new parent, I am striving to save one board at a time. If it can save one new tree from destruction to benefit my son's future, I will be happy.   

Being different is the norm at Reclaimed Wood of North Dakota.