We are not currently taking inquiries regarding barns.

Reclamation Projects

Reclaimed Wood of North Dakota recycles and re-purposes old barn-wood. We create custom furniture, home décor pieces, and other custom items with the materials recovered.  

Due to economic conditions and the low demand for barn wood, we are no longer offering barn removals free of charge.  

How does it work? 
-Starting at $3.00 a square foot, we offer removal and preservation of the entire usable structure.  
-Disposing of the remaining unsuitable material will be left in the footprint of the structure.  An additional fee will be required if the site needs to be cleaned up in its entirety or restored to bare ground.  That amount will be determined based off your location and disposal needs.  
-We require a 50% non-refundable deposit payable upon a signed agreement and the remainder prior to starting removal.  
*Please note that due to demand, removal may take up to 12+ months to begin.  

Send us a message and we can set up an appointment to discuss the removal of your structure. 

Our service area currently includes North Dakota, South Dakota, Northern & Central Minnesota. 


RektWood 1

This beauty is a 116 years old. Built in 1904, this shed was utilized for multiple uses. From a pig shed to a workshop. However, with one swift blow, mother nature started the reclamation process. We finished it. 




RektWood 2

Originally Built in 1904 onsite, this barn was carefully pulled down due to ground issues in 1910 and put back up in its current location.  Well kept up; Now its time for someone else to enjoy!  

Pieces are in.  Plenty of good wood available at a reasonable price.